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Technical Home Page on Autobaiting

Scam baiting is harassing scammers that use email to broadcast fradulent promises of wealth. Autobaiting is scam baiting done automatically with computer generated replies. This site deals with successes, failures and results of Zen Punk's autobaiter.
Philosophy behind autonomous autobaiting.

The best bait with autobaiter version 1
The link in this box is a transcript of the best bait using autobaiter Version 1.  I started with about 15 or so lads.  The best bait lasted over 10 rounds of email dialog and is given below. I terminated all baits because it was clear that major revisions were needed to handle lottery scams and improve other areas.

The best version 1 autobait is titled Ammed vs. Arnie Leapzorp, hick farmer.   Arnie's persona is developed in a "scenario" table. Techical details of the program are in the next box below.

Baits with autobaiter version 2

A number of sucessful baits have been done.  Two are published here:
Lokedee vs. Arnie Leapzorp carries on for 29 email rounds. With 38 emails sent.
Karim vs. Arnie Leapzorp is a 14 round bait that should have failed.

Version 2 of the software is largely finished and is a radical improvement to make the script scenarios more versatile and easier for user alterations. Many bugs were fixed. Email attachments from the scammer lad are now recognized, and generic responses are made concerning them.  Also email attachment to the lad can be launched when appropriate. 

Technical details of version 2 are given here.

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