Baiting mode

It is mandatory that an autobaiter be able to deal with an indefinite number of account names, potentially with different characters and scenarios. The way this handled here is to assign different email accounts to different scenarios. In that way the incoming mail will be segregated into separate inboxes.

A baiting mode is a collection including the specific scenario file, keyword file, history files, email inbox etc. that is to be used in a specific bait.  The mode is chosen using a front end dialog box that allows the user to choose which inbox and data files to use.  Currently the system does not have a totally friendly way of entering the information about the mode.  It is now done by bringing up a text file and editing it.

Debugging modes. In any SMTP mail program, different folders can be defined besides the usual inboxs.  One way of segregating mail for test runs is to copy lottery scams, for example, into a separate folder and have the autobaiter focus on those while the user tunes up the social engineering on that particular type of scam, while sending the mail harmlessly to a specific email account that the baiter owns, or a dead end.

There is a lot of versatility in handling  various modes, but the documentation for that will be forthcoming.