Control Panel
Buttons on the control panel cycle the user through newly arrived email from the inbox. The buttons are:
Next. This button causes next email in the inbox to be decoded, processed and displayed. The proposed reply is also displayed.
Again. The same email is reprocessed. This is valuable if the user wants to change data in the tables and rerun to check out the new results. The "Again" button can be pressed indefinitely while the user tunes up scripts and the stimuli to trigger scripts.
Previous. This button backsteps and reruns the previous email in the inbox.
Letter/Gleaned/Trigger. This button cycles the displayed data to show diagnostics or the
generated email reply.
Send. Will send off the letter through a POP3 account, bypassing the need for an email program.
Backup. The Scenario, Keywords, and ScamType files are stored with "backup" added to the file name. This can be done occasionally when extensively updating a table so it won't be too devastating when the dog trips over your power cord.
Close. The autobaiter first asks if you want to save unsaved files before closing.
Scroll bar and number box.  At the far right is a scroll bar to quickly bring up a specific email. The little number box next to it shows which email in the inbox is being examined. The feature is largely for diagnostics.

Screen shots of control panel
The window on the left contains the lad's email. Important keywords are bold faced and less important prepositions are underlined. Those co-occurrences that actually cause a neural trigger are colored blue. The user may find important phrases that should have a response. The highlighting makes it very easy for the user to decide if new keywords should be entered or new scripts or script triggers should be entered.

Note that the middle button shows "Gleaned".  This causes the display below it to show diagnostic data from the method that analyzes the email and gleans information. Details of where the data comes from is at the bottom of that window. Other useful information is shown at the top.

Control panel with gleaned diagnostics

This screen shot shows the middle button set to "Trigger". This causes the display to show stimuli that triggered the scripts. See the description of the Scenario page for more information on what this means. The numbers on the far left point to the line numbers in the scenario file to make it very easy to locate the cause of the script trigger. The order of these triggers displayed are according to where the scripts are stored and not related to where they occur in the lad's email.

Control panel with trigger diagnostics

One screen shot not shown is when the middle button is set to "Letter". That is the generated reply.  If the user really wants to interfere, the letter can be manually altered before the "Send" button is hit.