The History File
To make more sense of the history file, it is suggested that the discussion on the scenario table be read first.

This is an example of the history file of an early bait done with the autobaiter.  The list of data at the beginning has information about the stage of the bait.  It is self explanatory in most areas. Comments are in red.  A journal of the emails sent and received follow the data.

The line giving the date has a second number which is the number of milliseconds since 1970 or thereabouts. It is easier to use this number for comparing time lapses between emails and check if the lad is double posting.

The lines StikyScripts and SentScripts require more explanation.
The purpose of these lines are to designate which scripts have been sent.  The scripts can't be identified by an index number because it would continually change as the user adds to the script file during the bait. 

What is stored is actually the "hash code" of each script. It is a unique number that depends on the actual text of the script.  So the script texts can be moved around in the scenario file without losing the historical reference. 

Scripts are triggered by email events.  Sticky scripts, once they are triggered, will always be retriggered for each new email thereafter.  These are used for example when the lad  uses several religious words. The program will then continue to use a sequence of religious responses in the subsequent mailings even if the lad no longer uses religious words.

Sent scripts record which scripts in a specific sequence have been sent.  With each new email, the next script in the sequence is sent.  The number in square brackets is an index that records the place in the sequence.  An index above 990 means that all scripts have been sent and that sequence is terminated.

The hash codes are for the very first script in a loop of scripts.  Other scripts in the loop do not need to be recorded since the index number is relative to the first script in the loop and can point to the current script.

Note that the first stickyScript entry is -1152006140 and the first SentScript entry is -1152006140[2]. The hash codes (in blue) are the same. This means that particular script sequence will always be sent, and it has sent the third script in the sequence (starting from zero). 
Note that 1546762697 also occurs in both places, but has an index of [995]. That means that the script is continuously triggered, but nevertheless will not be sent anymore.

The history text file saved as

Name:    Mr Ammed
level:    1         This means it is the "first-contact" lad who does the spam mailings.
Gender:    male
AccNum:    For storing account numbers.  It also holds all lottery reference numbers.
Cohort:    This is for the email address of the lads cohort, or level 2 lad. (Not yet recognized in this bait)
Addr:    The lads home address. Probably will never be used.
Date:    8/6/05 6;43 AM   =1123328605531    The second entry is a continuous encoding of the date (mSec)
DialogNum:    10      Dialog number.  This is the tenth email exchange.
ScamType:    dormantAcct    This designates the type of scam as a dormant account
Labels:      greetingLad  signoffLad  cornTalk      These are labels that trigger scripts.

StikyScripts:    -1152006140 -1906945047 195069793 864862675 448221516 1546762697 601606079 -212447776 -1476316835  
See explanation above.

SentScripts:    -1152006140[2] 974982829[0] -1906945047[0] 493239393[995] 195069793[0] 864862675[1] 841503264[995] 1210805290[1] 2064920659[995] -2038306943[997] 448221516[995] 1582733156[995] 1084309073[0] 199697282[997] 1182797999[997] 655691751[2] 1546762697[995] 1390708451[3] 208827241[997] -1011403561[0] 601606079[1] -1645051143[997] -329402388[0] -212447776[0] -1476316835[0]  
See explanation above.

EndData:    null   Done with data.

The journal of transcripts follow.  Almost all of it has been erased here.  To see the full journal go to the transcripts of the first good bait.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\  Lad - Mr Ammed  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Reply-to: ~No start tag
From:  ammed aideed <>
Subject:  Latter From Mr Ammed//
Date:  Thu, 14 Jul 2005 12:11:59 -0400 (EDT)
To:  Arnie's

Goodday   Alan Logan,
Top of the day to you over there and may the good God bless you with all that you are asking him this new year and most important good health.
Please I have it in mind that this letter will come to you as a surprised but you shouldn’t worry as I will explain myself to you and my intention of writing to you.
I am MR AMMED in-charge of auditing and accounting section of APEX BOND LOME - TOGO in West Africa. I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that would be very beneficial to both of us.