Table of active scammers.
This table is a screen shot and gives a synopsis of who is currently being baited, and what the status of the bait is. It is automatically generated from the history directory and is for information only.  The history file name in the second column is nothing but the email address +.txt.

Notice that the program found most names, but some are just first or last names only.  There was no name in the email on line 3 that was discernible. The name on line 24 was not found because the email was very short and poorly organized. The default "Friend" was used in both cases. About 95% of the time a satisfactory name is found. The dialog number, or round of emails is meaningless in this example because this list was developed in a debugging session.

The number after the date is the time is in milliseconds and does not appear in version 2. No cohorts were listed for any of the lads because of the
debugging session.   (Last update: Dec. 20, 2005) ( Screen shot below needs updating)

Screen shot of list of current scammers